Internet Danegeld

Quoth Steveโ€™s intro: โ€˜Guess how many homes you can wire with high-speed internet for the low, low price of just $42 billion dollars?โ€™ Answer to date: ZERO. Color us shocked. Shocked!

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Ozella Rinehold
June 27, 2024 5:45 PM

Just read a book about Alfred the Great. The quote about the Danegeld is from Rudyard Kipling.

Phil LeMay
June 24, 2024 9:17 AM

Just gotta say: Looove the thumbnail, today!

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  Phil LeMay
June 24, 2024 10:44 AM

that’s just Scott Ott in a cool hat with his short sword, right?

William Engwer
June 24, 2024 8:50 AM

When you have people in power who have zero idea of how ANYTHING in the real world works, who are too self-important and sure of their vast intellectual superiority to find out, and who have unlimited trainloads of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to burn, this is what you get.

Nels Balwit
June 24, 2024 6:52 AM

I live in rural Ohio. I have MULTIPLE options for high-speed internet and it is so inexpensive that I have two connections from 2 different providers in case one goes down. (I worked in IT and I like redundancy.)

Rick Notkin
Reply to  Harry Ferguson
June 24, 2024 4:57 PM

Nice Firesign Theatre line! ๐Ÿ˜

Reply to  Nels Balwit
June 24, 2024 10:56 AM

Yeah, I can get multiple providers here too. Some faster and more reliable, some less so for one or the other or both. I use a cable connection for my main purposes. Under normal circumstances it’s the fastest and most reliable available to me. I’m sort of rural where I live and there’s a cable system substation just down the street a little ways. If there’s a power outage I have internet until the propane tank on that substations’ generator is exhausted. Then I switch automatically to a cellular based connection as a failover. Which is not as fast but… Read more »

Karl Schweitzer
Reply to  Nels Balwit
June 25, 2024 3:28 PM

You are far more lucky than I. I am between a town of about 7000 and a small village of a few hundred. There is a fiber line running from the town to the village, where the cable company provides high speed, but nothing is available in the 6 miles in between. I think this money is responsible for some of the work being done in the areas around me. There is a town a few miles the other direction about 15,000 people with nothing much available more than half a mile outside its city limits. Starting just over a… Read more »

Keith Jackson
June 24, 2024 6:06 AM

Being a descendant of Eric the Weird, famous Viking of yore, I have to ask you realize something. There is a fine line between “dating and shopping” and “raping and pillaging”.

Keith Jackson
June 24, 2024 5:59 AM

There is a glaring need for an Internet site listing government boondoggles, their cost in one column, their actual benefit in another. It could be called “Empire of Lies” (feel free to come up with better) and, once financially successful, could list the friends of the government who benefitted financially.
Writing this, I wonder why this isn’t already up and running.
Maybe anyone who starts to realize there is a gaping hole in our knowledge gets killed ….. aaeeahhhh!

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  Keith Jackson
June 24, 2024 10:47 AM

There are several. Senator Rand Paul does one every year (as part of his personal Airing of Grievances).
Believe the Heritage Foundation keeps theirs up to date.
Surely there are many others.

Keith Jackson
Reply to  Ron Swansons Alter Ego
June 26, 2024 6:01 AM

Pardon the blind spot. Can You tell I visit only two sites online?

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  Keith Jackson
June 28, 2024 5:08 AM

As long as this is one, you are good. I actually signed up years ago for Sen Paul’s newsletter just so that I would get alerted to his yearly Airing of the Grievances memo about government spending.

June 24, 2024 5:53 AM

Well that’s enough of that hogswallop. I’m cancelling my membership. Not only did you guys not talk about what I wanted you to talk about, you’re slagging on Danes again. As a staunch Conservative of Danish heritage this is intolerable. I’m offended. There are so many things that you should be talking about that are basics it’s a waste of time to muck about with this nonsense. (*This is a drill, this is only a drill. Sarcasm toggle returned to Off/Standby. Weapons systems set to Safe. Return to normal operational parameters.*) Last week we had a member complaining about The… Read more »

Steven Finnegan
Reply to  Harry Ferguson
June 24, 2024 7:26 AM

Thanks to Elon, any place in the world can have high-speed internet for $600 down and $120/month. Problem Solved!

Phil LeMay
Reply to  Steven Finnegan
June 24, 2024 9:17 AM

I’d LOVE to do Starlink! It’s that $600 initial that’s giving me trouble.
(goes back to stacking pennies…)

Phil LeMay
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
June 24, 2024 9:15 AM

To paraphrase Wild Bill, “Well…bye.” Even though I know you’ll never actually leave. You couldn’t abandon your “adoring fans” (aka: sycophantic lickspittles), nor restrain yourself from your lengthy screeds! Aaand, that’s my time on the Sarcasm firing line for the moment! I don’t understand what the big fuss is. This whole boondoggle is just Big Government doing Big Government Things. Making an issue where there is none and pandering to voters to garner favor. Business as usual for the current administration. Don’t forget to drop the safety cover on those toggles! Those things are twitchy and can flip to active… Read more »

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
June 24, 2024 10:58 AM

This non-funding of non-businesses with non-money is simply more sophistic nefariousness from the Left. I was listening to Mike Rowe’s podcast over the weekend. He talked about a company that was making pharmaceuticals through a UN program. An inspector was dispatched to see how their price could be so much better than “big pharma”, essentially not much more than material cost. How could they do that? Well, being smart guys they realized that as a world gov’t program spending other people’s (notional) money, they found a nice advantage. They paid their vendors Net 30. They got paid by the UN… Read more »