Story Mechanics

From Genesis to the Green Lantern, we humans have learned all of our moral values from the stories we tell to one another. In this brand-new series, host Bill Whittle will be having in-depth discussions with the mechanics that build our stories, as well as discussing the mechanics of how a good story is built. Confirmed so far are Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, Mike Rowe, Tom Dreesen, Adam Baldwin, Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan and Kelly Carlson, with more to follow. While we will release snippets from each episode, in the main this will be Members-Only content for the Citizen Producers here at

Jon Voight

Jon Voight reveals how to play The Heart of Gold and does a beat-by-beat walkthrough of Midnight Cowboy

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise on Ken Mattingly and Supertruth in Apollo 13 and returning from the dead in Forrest Gump

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe on how to tell a great story and the archetype of the Regular Guy

Tom Dreesen

Tom Dreesen uses his impeccable comic timing to kill with a joke, plus life on the road with Sinatra

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin on how to walk a fine line as the Tough Guy, and how to deadpan for a laugh in Firefly

Burt Rutan

Aeronautical design genius Burt Rutan talks about building his own space program and how to think outside the box.

Kelly Carlson

Kelly Carlson on how a nice girl plays the femme fatale on Nip/Tuck and reflects on some of the dangers that come with celebrity.

Dick Rutan

The living embodiment of the Steely-Eyed Missile Man, Dick Rutan talks about driving the Hun low and fast over Vietnam and flying for nine days without sleeping.

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