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Unimaginable DEBT

“Hello, Average American Taxpayer. This is your Federal Government. Seems you owe us $246,867. When may we expect your check?”

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No R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Aretha Franklin has been politely asked to no longer sing her signature hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman… because the non-natural woman lobby find it offensive.

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Bowling for Sanity

With so many toxic influences in our culture today, could the path to restoration be something as simple as sixty feet of hardwood?

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Joe has a problem with classified documents appearing in garages, cars, cookie jars and so on. The problem for him is, they keep being found

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Meanwhile, at the WEF…

Once a year, our Insect Overlords gather at Davos, Switzerland to ramp up catastrophe hysteria and figure out where to put the plebeians.

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Matt Gaetz FOR THE WIN

In yet another case of Florida schooling California, Republican House Representative Matt Gaetz (R FL-01) strong-arms Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R CA-20)

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Let’s Get Small

The Brain is the most important organ in the body… says THE BRAIN. What does that tell you about a woman who thinks we should

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I Swear by Superman

A Democratic Party Representative refuses to swear his oath on a Bible? Horrors! But he WILL swear on a classic Superman comic? SIGNIFICANTLY LESS HORROR!

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Slow-Motion Revolution?

GOP long-time insider Kevin McCarthy had a a tough time with his coronation as Speaker of the House. Is that a sign that the Rinocene

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