Right Angle

The Safety Cult

In 1966, seven-year-old Bill Whittle saw the USAF Thunderbirds at Kindley AFB in Bermuda. Steve and Scott join in for a discussion of how much safety is too much safety?

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Pantry Shaming

Usually mocking these people is Serious Business, but there are times when things get so ridiculous that the show simply goes off the rails. This is one of those times.

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Feel Better Now?

How much of a crisis is the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank? Former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the situation is critical enough to get the President up and dressed by 9:00 am !!

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Race Relations

Everybody feels it, it seems: the deterioration of the state of race relations in modern America. How much of it is grassroots, and how much division is being pushed down from above?

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Silly or Serious?

British singer Sam Smith either rocked or shocked with his satanic appearance at this years Grammy Awards. Is this something to hyperventilate about, or just a silly extended skit?

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