Your Right Angle, Three-in-One, Debata-Replaca-Palooza!

Sometimes more news is made than a week can hold. We generally record our Right Angle segments on Tuesday mornings: which means the Great Thursday Night Massacre, and all of the MUST REPLACE BIDEN NOW! news cycle swept past us before we could get to the next taping. But not to worry: we have fully regurgitated all of the time-worn arguments into one convenient, three-in-one episode where sparks almost fly amid the desire for justice and the indignity of mere revenge.

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David Howe
July 12, 2024 11:36 AM

Careful there, Scott. Calling Kamala a “dark horse”? Horses are offended.

Lawrence Hamilton
July 8, 2024 10:27 AM

Bill Maher has repeatedly said he would vote for Biden over Trump even if it was Bidens head in a jar of blue liquid. After the debate, he said, “It’s time to get the jar”.

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  Lawrence Hamilton
July 8, 2024 7:04 PM

Whoopi was similar. No matter what she’d vote for Joe. Not that they’d vote RFK Jr or some other third party. Joe-shiz-his-pants Biden would get their vote.


Brother Bob
July 8, 2024 7:21 AM

One last point – The Radical Left constantly labeling everyone they don’t like as Nazis is part of the dehumanization stage of the political debate. It helps to justify what happens next – Jay Bishop of Portland was unavailable for comment.

Brother Bob
July 8, 2024 7:18 AM

Another important point that Scott missed – how do we disagree with people who consider statements about basic anatomy hate speech, think that mutilating children and encouraging child groomers is the new Civil Rights Movement, or that our nation was built on slavery and has no right to exist? Until the remaining sane Dems are ready to publicly condemn the fringe that’s taken control of their party how do we have any discussion? Before we can debate the Dems again they need to settle the debate amongst themselves.

David Pimentel
Reply to  Brother Bob
July 8, 2024 7:48 AM

Exactly! There is ZERO … ZIP … NADA … NO possibility of discourse with either the infantile or the insane. All of the the Dems’ factions fit both of those descriptions. Those Dems who refuse to publicly condemn and refute the insane, progressive leftists are complicit in the perpetuation of the insanity.

Last edited 6 days ago by David Pimentel
Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  Brother Bob
July 8, 2024 7:06 PM

The part of the Dem party that believes that is a small part, as seen by the near 80% of the populace that polls saying that men ought not compete with women and to leave kids alone until they are 18.
Forget that 10% who are that insane, the other 35% need to know that we stand for the rule of law, not vengeance. that is what I think Scott was saying.
I happen to agree with him.

Brother Bob
Reply to  Ron Swansons Alter Ego
July 9, 2024 1:27 PM

Where are those sensible Dems? The few who speak at least some sense (Tulsi, Kennedy, Fetterman) are quickly ostracized by the party that’s been taken over by radicals. Over the years my dialogue with Lefties went from annoying during Dubya to angry under Barry O to outright venom during Orange Mandela’s term. Being nice only rewarded their bad behavior, same as here. Eventually I’d engage, but the moment any Lefty crossed the line I’d still respond with facts, but matching their tone. A few took the hint, most just blocked me. Good enough. Where are all of those decent Dems… Read more »

David Pimentel
Reply to  Brother Bob
July 9, 2024 5:53 PM

I’m not saying to throw out rule of law, just that it be used as our instrument for vengeance. I’d kind of like that before they escalate further. And unchecked, The Radical Left will. I suggest that they will escalate no matter how we respond. The only difference will be whether they will win the battles or not. The Dems have always been about subjugation of others. Ever since the Civil War the Dems have been on the wrong side of history — some of that time they were just biding time like any fundamental Muslim would do, to lay… Read more »

Brother Bob
Reply to  David Pimentel
July 10, 2024 6:13 AM

Exactly. If they’re escalating anyway I suggest we hit back and hopefully get them to stand down before they decide it’s time for round 2 of firing on Fort Sumter

Brother Bob
July 8, 2024 7:02 AM

To give a way over the top comparison, Scott, you’re sounding a lot like Richard Gere, Michael Moore, etc. when they were calling for piece while the Twin Towers were still smoldering

Keith Jackson
July 7, 2024 7:37 PM

Ouch. Scott’s desire for peace speaks to his moral agency. Unfortunately, it most closely resembles those who would rather excuse evil than confront it. And, just like in the movie “High Noon”, Gary Cooper reminds us that this way won’t work.

Mark McConnell
July 7, 2024 3:37 PM

Leniency to the GUILTY is cruelty to the innocent, the people MUST have prosecution of all those who committed these crimes to the nation or we can never trust the Government again.

Kit LaRocco
July 7, 2024 1:54 PM

Scott, you sweet morning child…. Just as Hamas must be destroyed if peace is to ever be attained; so must the current Democrat Leadership be made politically lifeless. Shame is an excellent teacher but Progressives feel no shame because they are never punished. I would rather be shot than have a legacy like Joe Biden’s in the history books but right now they think they will control the historical record! Do you doubt it? So to melt their hubris; to make them sit up and take notice; to restore the most God blessed country in history requires measures of steel.… Read more »

Last edited 8 days ago by Kit LaRocco
David Maxwell
July 7, 2024 11:57 AM

Disagree with Scott on this one, he is too nice of guy to play politics with these dem cretins…one can not play nice with any of Democrat Need to fire the entire hierarchy of the FBI, CIA and as long as you dong it eliminate every general officer in the HQ/pentagon… replace all with battlefield Generals, or promote line officers from O6 level, and put Michael Flynn as head of defense department. Put Ken Paxton as next AG, Put Richard Grenell head to State Department, Let them do the dirty work of kicking a$$ of the crooks in DC.  Eliminate 25% of every… Read more »

Kit LaRocco
Reply to  David Maxwell
July 7, 2024 1:32 PM

Absolutely spot on.

Road Rider
Reply to  David Maxwell
July 7, 2024 8:57 PM

Dan Bongino to head the secret service.

John Sullivan
July 7, 2024 9:27 AM

As far as Bill Maher coming around to sanity, he had said he could never vote Republican because ‘they don’t take Climate Change seriously’. So he’s more afraid of the invisible boogie man than total societal collapse.

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  John Sullivan
July 7, 2024 11:24 AM

I wonder if Bill Maher has ever had anyone on as a guest who could actually debate whether climate change is real. He seems to have on others he disagrees with but does he cherry pick guests that are not strong on certain things.
Michael Shellenberger would be an interesting one. Not right wing, used to be a climate activist then decided that Wind Turbines and solar and batteries are actually awful for the environment.

Reply to  John Sullivan
July 7, 2024 1:19 PM

When someone like Bill Maher says something like that, he means that others do not take HIS version of climate change seriously. HIS version is that climate change is solely anthropogenic and that it’s disastrous. That’s because that version is the Left Wing politicized variation on climate change. I take climate change extremely seriously. I seriously know for certain that climate is always changing and will always continue to change because it has done so for the entire history of this planet. I know that there are things that are seriously far, far worse than a gradual increase in global… Read more »

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
July 7, 2024 7:45 PM

I know that there are things that are seriously far, far worse than a gradual increase in global temperatures. I know that given my ‘druthers I’d druther it got warmer than colder I recall in the 70s when the fear was a “little ice age”. the damage that could be done to global food supply by a few degree reduction in temperature is way more freightening than a 4 or 5 degree rise. Humans are capable of adapting to a fairly wide temperature swing. You crazy Minnesotans, CNs, and European Scandinavians live in stupid cold climates. Plants, not so much.So… Read more »

Reply to  Ron Swansons Alter Ego
July 8, 2024 5:18 AM

Being from that stupidly cold climate I know what a frozen winter desert wasteland looks like all too well. In MN, especially the northern half of the state, it might as well be a desert or the surface of the Moon or Mars for nearly six months out of the year as far as the usefulness of the land is concerned. By surface area MN is an agricultural state but all agriculture comes to a grinding halt after the fall harvest and whatever animal husbandry is conducted is done with a view towards keeping your stock from freezing solid in… Read more »

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
July 8, 2024 5:56 AM

 I rarely if ever see frozen puddles on the ground here.  Anecdote that I always found funny. A very good friend of the family got a job after finishing Fordham Law in the 80s. The new job was in Miami. Leaving NYC tri-state area for Miami was a great thing even then. He and his wife were looking at houses. At one particular one, they were leaving after the inevitable afternoon deluge in South Florida and he noticed that the end of the driveway had a sizeable puddle that didn’t drain to the sewer system. His immediate thought and comment… Read more »

Reply to  Ron Swansons Alter Ego
July 9, 2024 6:37 AM

LOL @ “People learn that four wheel drive doesn’t help you stop on ice.” I grew up with 4×4 vehicles because those were often the only way to get around. It kind of amazes me a little bit what people expect of four wheel drive. They seem to think that it’s a magic thing that you can’t get in trouble using. Just put ‘er in 4×4 and let ‘er rip. From an early age, before I was even driving (on roads, legally) my Dad and Grandpa taught me the basic rules of 4×4 application … Don’t put it in 4WD… Read more »

Ron Swansons Alter Ego
Reply to  ACTS (TM)
July 9, 2024 8:56 AM

Oh, yea he felt silly. But has enough self-confidence that he shared the story with my brother.