Freedom isn’t free… and the fight to preserve freedom isn’t free, either.

Our Citizen Producers understand that the forces of tyranny and control spend billions of dollars, each year, to convince us to give up this grand experiment in the capacity of human potential, and have decided to do something in order to fight back. Basic Membership starts at $9.95 per month (and you can pay annually if you’d prefer). Sustaining Membership ($19.95 per month) and Producing Membership ($49.95 per month) provides twice, or five times, the amount of ammunition available to keep these messages coming. You can cancel at any time, and we are both confident and honest enough to make cancelling you membership much easier and faster than purchasing one. 

In addition to the weekly Members Only Right Angle: Backstage show, all Members receive full access to our Story Mechanics interviews with major celebrities; Sustaining Members will also have access to the unedited, behind-the-scenes interview, and Producing Members will have the opportunity to ask questions of our celebrity guests, within time constraints (if necessary).

We have been a small, tightly-knit, extraordinarily well-educated, kind, keen, competent, patriotic, and, I might add, damn-fine looking family for ten years now. Scott Ott, Steve Green, Alfonzo Rachel, our office manager Shelley and all of us here at never cease to be amazed at the vision, generosity and patience that our Citizen Producers have shown us as we enter our second decade. Members can at any time access the various members-only functions from the pull-down menu above, but I wanted to break it down for those of you who are considering joining we few, we happy few. 

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Here you can find all of the thousands of comments made by our Members, in the order in which they are published. While these are often directly related to the various episodes we publish, we never cease to be amazed at the insight, knowledge and depth of questions that appear here daily.We believe that the single greatest Members benefit is the quality of our Membership.

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Our Citizen Producers come from all walks of life, but there are things we all seem to have in common: love of country, respect for the Armed Forces, a strong belief in the rule of law and above all a fierce pride in American Exceptionalism. Several of our Citizen Producers describe themselves as Americans who happened to be born in another country, and we have members from six continents (and quite possibly Antartica, now that I think about it) who feel as strongly about these core Western values as any of us. The width and depth of experience, common sense, humor and inside generated by our Members blog posts is simply astonishing.

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Chances are excellent that if you are reading this, you have something valuable to add to the conversation. Members blog posts include a headline, the ability to embed videos and upload as many photos as you would like, and as much text as you care to use. Once posted, your entry will appear at the top of our Member’s Blog page, and yu will have the ability to respond to other Members’ questions or comments. 

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This is where the real fun is. Open 24/7, in every time zone on the planet, Members can begin a forum thread or interact with existing ones. Here you can post questions for our live shows, The Stratosphere Studio (primarily filmmaking, animation, storytelling and pop-culture topics, now in its first year), and the legendary Stratosphere Lounge (deep dives, red-meat political commentary and speculation, now approaching its second decade). It’s hard to say whether what you learn there is more valuable than a good old-fashioned chance to blow off some steam, but one thing we take great pride in is your ability to post whatever opinion you may have, and discuss it with fascinating, well-informed people who may or may not agree to disagree. This is not an echo chamber. All speech is free speech here.

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Honestly, this alone is more than worth the price of membership. Great friendships (and even a marriage) have come from the like-minded individuals who have made the decision to fight back in the Culture War. Here you will find a list of some of the best friends you ever had. You just haven’t met them yet.

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