The Virtue Signal

Evil: Texas School Shooting Raises the Specter of Wickedness in the Human Heart

When an 18-year-old shot and killed 19 little children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, like all historical villains, in his mind he did what he must.

Right Angle

When Progressives Attack: Trans Actor in Skirt Stomps, Steals, Trump 2020 Sign

A transgender actor in a skirt attacks a Trump 2020 campaign sign, stomps it, and steals it, until challenged by the man who owns the sign. We’ve got the video. Why does the peace-loving Left, seem to be the instigators of violence? Why would a Progressive trans person find a campaign sign so disturbing as to physically attack it? And how can conservatives even understand this kind of behavior?

Bill Whittle Now

Conservatives Condemn Mail Bomb Attacks

Bill Whittle makes it undeniably clear that there’s no room on the Right for acts of political terrorism like the recent mail bombs sent to the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros, Joe Biden, and others. But could overheated militaristic political rhetoric trigger unstable people? This episode of Bill Whittle Now is brought to you by […]



Left/right, Progressive/Conservative, Democrat/Republican… The names change and evolve but the core difference remains constant: The Collectivists vs. The Individualists. In his latest FIREWALL, but shows how violence, disruption and intimidation have always been the tools of the Collectivists. This is not about Donald Trump, no ,atter how much they want you to believe it.