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Trump Presumption of Innocence Flipped, Mueller Testimony Flopped

Democrats hoped that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before House committees would bring his 448-page report on President Trump to life on video, because most Americans didn’t read the book. Instead, Democrats wound up reading the report to Mueller, who — in most cases — gave short answers, and referred them back to his written report. As a movie, the Mueller testimony flopped. Meanwhile, Republicans planted seeds of doubt about the political motives behind the two-year investigation into Russia’s election interference, and possible obstruction of justice by Trump. Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-TX, among others pointed out that Mueller’s claim that the “president was not exculpated” or “exonerated” flipped the presumption of innocence which lies at the heart of the American justice system.

Right Angle

Democrats Double-Down on Impeachment as Mueller Clears Trump

As the Mueller report clears President Donald Trump of collusion and obstruction charges, Democrats don’t give up — but double-down — on hopes of impeachment. Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle explain the inexplicable mind of the Progressive Left.