Bill Whittle Now

Pandemic Lockdown Protests: Waste of Time, Or Last Resort in a Republic?

As protests erupt in a growing number of states against government lockdown (stay at home) orders, Bill Whittle analyzes the impact of the people’s Constitutionally-protected right peaceably to assemble and to seek redress of grievances. If you enjoy these videos, and find value in their message, but have not yet become a Member, join us […]

Right Angle

Harsh Lockdown Crackdown: Is Your Liberty in Jeopardy?

When authorities use harsh lockdown enforcement tactics, it makes news, but perhaps the stunning feature of the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic is how rarely it happens. While it’s always wise to be vigilant about our freedoms, it’s also important to take a clear-eyed view of the situation on the ground.  Right Angle is a […]