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Court Blocks Trump Effort to Execute Federal Convicts, Because…Federalism!

The Trump administration tries to restart the execution of federal convicts after a 20-year hiatus, but a judge blocks the move because the method of lethal injection would violate a 1994 law that mandates use of the same procedure as the state where the conviction happened. Bill Whittle grapples with the quandary that puts the […]

Right Angle

Mark Cuban Solves 2nd Amendment Debate: Keep Your Guns, States Regulate

Billionaire Mark Cuban solves the 2nd Amendment debate with a little editing. Your federal government guarantees your right to keep and bear arms, while your state regulates that gun ownership. What could be wrong with a solution that respects our federated republican form of government, and guarantees your right to own a gun?



Well, the Republicans have retaken the Senate from the Democrats, and now that they have, it’s time to give it back to its rightful owners… Join Bill Whittle in his latest Firewall, where he shows how destructive the Progressive Amendments have been — especially the Seventeenth Amendment. Find out why it matters!