Bill Whittle Now

Trump Dumps Taliban Talks: Are U.S. Troops Forever Stuck in Afghanistan?

President Trump publicly dumps ‘secret’ Camp David talks with the Taliban and the Afghan government aimed at a peace deal. He said the deal is dead. Are U.S. troops stuck forever in Afghanistan? Is that the price we pay to avoid another 9/11-style terror attack? Have we achieved our objectives? Where does the Commander in Chief go from here when he has declared he wants to pull out of the long-running U.S. “police” action.

Right Angle

U.S. Loses WWIII: Real War Games, or Military Contractors Fear Mongering

The U.S. loses World War III, fast and repeatedly, in RAND Corporation war games, according to a source. But is this WWIII outcome real, or just more fear mongering meant to benefit military contractors at federal budget time?