Bill Whittle Now

LOL: Progressives Complain Trump Not Projecting American Strength

Progressives in the media and politics complain that Kim Jong Un is playing President Trump, who settles for a self-aggrandizing photo opp, but is not projecting American strength (LOL). The Left also criticizes Trump for using the North Korea summit and G-20 meeting to cozy up to strongmen like Kim, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. […]

Right Angle

Right Angle – Trump Derangement Syndrome: Losing Their Minds – 10/18/17

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to infect everyone on the Left who is incapable of coming to terms with the fact that President Trump emerged victorious a year ago. From late night shows to washed up comedians, it appears they are hell bent on making complete fools of themselves. It has even infected academia, where a […]