Right Angle

Biden Bit My Finger: Plus, Kids Loved to Rub Joe’s Hairy Legs

You won’t believe a leading candidate for president said this — or did that — but former Veep Joe Biden tells a weird tale about his days as a lifeguard, and he bite’s his wife’s finger…on the campaign stump. Did Biden’s speech writer pen the story about how kids loved to rub Joe’s hairy legs? […]

Bill Whittle Now

No Defense for Trump? “Almost Everyone” Believes Trump Did It

Who will defend Donald Trump in his Senate trial if the House passes articles of impeachment, and how? That’s the question posed by former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal, who says Trump will face “charges almost everyone will believe are true.”

Mr. Virtual President


The Virtual President outlines the three essential qualities needed for the Pursuit of Happiness in Modern America, and sets a challenge to free entire generations of Americans.