The Virtue Signal

Musical Poison: Devolution of Society Tracks Descent of Pop Music into Crude Ugliness

Popular music has become less amazing, crude and ugly as artists seek novelty, and probe the dark depths of human nature. Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel explore how music turned to poison.

Right Angle

Can Kanye Make Christ Cool for Kids? Rapper Drops ‘Jesus is King’ Album

Kanye West — a performer/producer/entrepreneur with nine consecutive platinum albums and 21 Grammy awards — drops a new album called ‘Jesus is King’ and rocks the entertainment world again. Can Kanye make Christ cool for kids, with songs like ‘Closed on Sundays’ that says, “no more living for the culture”?

Bill Whittle Now

New Lawmaker Drops Mother of All F-Bombs on Trump

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-MI, tells a crowd of supporters she’s going to Washington D.C. to “impeach the m-f’er”. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stays mum. Bill Whittle shows what happens when the culture slouches this far toward Gomorrah, and why the Democratic party needs it that way.