Here’s a helpful suggestion for Mark Cuban regarding his decision to no longer play the National Anthem during Dallas Mavericks games.

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Lightning Round XXI: Weird and Wonderful News of the Week

Quick hot takes on weird and wonderful news of the week — Stephen Green brings you Right Angle Lightning Round XXI, with Scott Ott and Bill Whittle.

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Morality Clause: Your Private Life Gets You Fired

Some employers now force workers to sign a “morality clause” that can get them fired, at the sole discretion of the boss, if they become a scandal on Twitter — even if they did nothing wrong. Should your entire life, including your political ideas, be under your employer’s purview? Could someone who hates you get […]

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Fired School Worker Sues Texas for Right to Boycott Israel

A speech pathologist brings a First Amendment challenge to a Texas law which requires her to pledge not to participate in the anti-Israel BDS movement. Should liberty-lovers support a law that restricts free speech, just because it favors a reliable ally? Bill Whittle Now probes the question. Subscribe to this channel, and click the ‘Liberty […]