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France Slaps Eco-Tax on Departing Air Passengers, because…Climate Change

The government of France slaps an eco-tax of up to $20 (US) on departing plane passengers to fund transit projects, because…climate change. Scott Ott leads Bill Whittle and Stephen Green to consider the implications of exacting tribute from a small group (the flying public) to pay for Utopian Progressive control dreams over the entire public.

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NY Times Bombshell: Trump Tax Returns Show Huge Losses, Shady Deals

The New York Times has transcripts of Donald Trump’s IRS tax returns from 1985-94. They show huge business losses of $1.17 billion in a decade, and profits from shady deals in which Trump bought stock, spread false rumors of a take-over, then sold his stock quickly at a profit. Will revelations from this “bombshell” story have any effect on Trump supporters or his reelection chances? Do Democrats now have additional reason to press for release of his last six years of tax returns?