Bill Whittle Now

Global Suicide Prevention: 25,000 Nukes on Hair Trigger and the Miracle of Survival

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Bill Whittle’s new podcast series, “The Cold War: What We Saw”, from Esoteric Radio Theatre. With 25,000 nukes on hair trigger, the survival of the United States and the Soviet Union is a modern miracle. Heroic personal stories and high-stakes decisions provide a lesson in global suicide prevention. Bill Whittle […]

Right Angle

Riots, Fire and Fury: Hidden Video Catches Bernie Sanders Organizer Unleashed

James O’Keefe at Project Veritas catches a Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer predicting riots, cities on fire, and police officers beaten, if the DNC denies Bernie the nomination…and reeducation camps after President Sanders takes office. Is Kyle Jeffrey Jurek way off the Bernie reservation, or did consumption of intoxicants free him to speak what many […]