Right Angle

Get Off the Plane: Your Social Credit Score Just Went Negative

China expands its system of tracking a citizen’s behavior with a social credit score, and limiting his freedoms if it goes negative. Your neighbor reports you smoking a cigarette at your house, and when you try to fly to Hong Kong the flight attendant says, your score is too low, get off the plane. Is this just a dystopian nightmare spawned by communism, or could measures taken by American companies to nudge consumer behavior lead to such a scenario in the land of the free?

Bill Whittle Now

Did Amazon Sucker Taxpayers to Boost Bottom Line?

New York City and Alexandria, Virginia, just won the Amazon lottery, gaining a total of 50,000 projected new high-dollar corporate HQ jobs. But is it right to take money from taxpayers in Paducah and Boise to lure fat corporations to places which have already benefited from their crony relationship to big government? ‘Bill Whittle Now’ […]