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Make America Meek Again: Sen. Warren’s Disarming New Plan to Cut Gun Deaths

Greater federal government power is Elizabeth Warren’s disarming new plan to cut gun deaths. Higher taxes on guns and ammo, federal licensing with training courses, a national gun owner database, expanded background checks, renewed ban on assault-style weapons…and the Democrat presidential candidate is just getting started. Is this a serious legislative proposal to save lives, or a disingenuous bit of stagecraft designed to make America meek again (MAMA).

Bill Whittle Now

Sen. Warren Math: 30% Gun Tax + 50% Ammo Tax = 80% Drop in Gun Deaths

Leading Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes a 30% gun tax plus a 50% ammo tax which she says will add up to an 80% drop in gun deaths. Of course, there’s more to it than than, including an end to the filibuster in the Senate. Can Betsy Warren ride her sensible gun math equation to the White House, and if so, why doesn’t she stay in the Senate so she can help pass it?