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“Taliban Gave Me a Toothbrush”: Conditions in U.S. Border Detention Not ‘Safe and Sanitary’?

The New York Times quotes former hostages of the Taliban, Iran and Somali pirates, saying they received a toothbrush, soap and blankets from their terrorist captors to highlight allegations that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection detention facilities don’t provide these basic hygiene items to migrant detainees…including children. Will “At least the Taliban gave me a toothbrush” become the latest battle cry in the movement to improve treatment of illegal aliens?



He’s launched airstrikes and is threatening ground troops but IT’S NOT WAR. He took a victory lap for Osama bin Laden but opposed the means that got his location. He’s broken every Progressive policy and gospel on the books, and he’s doing the same things for the same reasons his predecessor did, only he’s doing […]