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Historic Slap on the Wrist: Facebook Pays $5 Billion, Yet Zuckerberg Stays on Throne

The FTC fines Facebook $5 billion, and forces several changes on the social media giant to protect the privacy and security of its users. But many see the settlement as a slap on the wrist because founder Mark Zuckerberg stays on his throne, pays nothing personally, and his organization doesn’t admit to any wrongdoing. Should the government have gone further to send a clear signal to the industry?

Right Angle

Stranger Danger: Facebook Messenger Kids Security Hole Exposes Your Child

The Verge reports a security hole in Facebook’s allegedly kid-friendly, parent-approved, Messenger Kids app that let’s your child join a group chat with people you don’t know, and have not approved, exposing him to untold stranger danger. This is the latest breach of trust between the social media giant — that also owns Instagram and Whatsapp — and the users whose personal information it monetizes for billions of dollars each year. Proper privacy and security measures harm Facebook’s bottom-line, so how long will people continue to trust them?

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