The Virtue Signal

The Curse of Profanity: Can Any Idea Connect with This Culture without ‘Adult Language’

How can you connect contemporary culture with conservative values without profanity? Are we being prudes to our own detriment, and the defeat of our own message?

Right Angle

Apple Airpods Tragedy: Cursing the Future Fossils of Capitalism writer Caroline Haskins expels a lengthy screed damning Apple’s Airpods as a tragedy — “the future fossils of capitalism.” Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott schools this Leftist luddite in the miracle of free markets.

Bill Whittle Now

NFL Fans Sue for Constitutional Right to Curse Team

A couple of New York Giants fans get ejected from a game for cursing and obscene gestures aimed at their own team. Now, they’re suing on First Amendment free speech grounds. ‘Bill Whittle Now’ deals with the boundaries between freedom and responsibility. Click the YouTube notification bell to get warned when we post a new […]