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Chris Matthews Walks Off MSNBC Hardball Set After “Retiring” in Wake of Remarks

Get your The Patriot’s Primer on American Liberty, FREE Chris Matthews walks off the set of Hardball on MSNBC in mid-show after announcing he’s retiring, in the wake of allegations he’s made women uncomfortable with remarks about their looks, betlittled Elizabeth Warren’s presidential ambitions, and compared Bernie Sanders’ campaign to the Nazi invasion of France. […]

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Staging the News

CNN says it did nothing wrong when it staged a “crowd” scene of peaceful Muslims protesting against violent jihadis. But we’ve got the video. In an age when every person carries an HD camera, can the media get away with this kind of fakery any more? Stephen Green leads Bill Whittle and Scott Ott into […]



To keep these messages coming got to Glamour! It’s one of the qualities of a shape-shifter, a creature that appears as you want him to appear. Find out how the watchdogs became lapdogs, from The New York Times’ Walter Duranty’s cover-up of mass genocide to the giggling girlie-men Obama apologists today.