As China Crumbles, Progressive Mind Tricks Brainwash U.S. to Think It’s a Mighty Empire

Progressive mind tricks brainwash U.S. to think communist China is a mighty empire, but behind the scenes skyscrapers crumble, food gets made from poison, and even a majestic aircraft carrier proves to be a floating Potemkin Village.

Right Angle

New Reports Suggest Last Year’s Conspiracy Theories about COVID and Election May Be True

ABC News comes now with a story that the COVID-19 virus may have emerged from a Chinese lab — an idea laughable just last year when Trump-backers advanced it.

Bill Whittle Now

Re-Open for Business as Un-Usual: How Tell If It’s Going Well…or Not

As Governors like Greg Abbott of Texas begin to lift stay-at-home orders and we start to re-open business and go back to work, how can we tell if it’s going well…or not. Since many don’t trust the media, or politicians, and assume they’ll continue to focus on catastrophe, how can you make a prudent decision […]