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Coping with Climate Anxiety: The Overwhelming Mental Impact of Global Climate Change

Refuse to have children, stop traveling by jet, and carry chopsticks in your purse to avoid using disposable flatware at restaurants. These are some of the coping techniques adopted by folks suffering from climate anxiety, climate grief or climate despair.

Right Angle

Obscene Optics: 100+ Private Jets at Google’s Climate Change Celebrity Camp

Are man-made climate change warriors blind to the obscene optics of 100+ private jets — bearing aloft the children of privilege and celebrity — flying in to Google’s Camp where they can decry the evils of the carbon emissions which doom the planet? Apparently, they are. Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott consider the motives — and tone deafness — of people who claim to care about a cause as they do exactly that which maximizes the problem they’re fighting.