What 2019 Election Results Really Mean for Trump 2020

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The New York Times says 2019 election results “reflected the country’s increasingly contentious politics and widening rural-urban divide.” Pundits clamor to claim what the results in Kentucky, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Alabama portend for President Trump’s reelection hopes. Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott reviews what the 2019 results really mean for Trump 2020.

NOTE: Scott Ott apologizes for his off-the-cuff revisionist history in this episode. Elbridge Gerry was actually a Governor, not a representative, who oversaw the redistricting effort that produced, among other things, a congressional district that one newspaper editor thought looked like a salamander, giving rise to the term “gerrymander”. [Stay tuned for Scott Ott’s forthcoming podcast — Mostly True History — available exclusively for Microsoft Zune.]

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