Venice-Zuela: California Beach Swarms with Homeless, RV Fires, Symptoms of a Failed State

This episode of Steve Green’s Right Angle Lightning Round ambushes Bill Whittle and Scott Ott with breaking news, including…

  • Venice Beach California, now dubbed Venice-zuela by locals, swarms with some 2,000 homeless (rivaled only by Skid Row). RV fires and other symptoms of a failed state sully the once beautiful seaside community.
  • The Rolling Stones retire their classic ‘Brown Sugar’ from their concert playlist, after pressure from ‘woke’ critics who don’t even know what the lyrics mean.
  • China tests a fractional orbital bombardment system that uses a hypersonic glide vehicle. Should we worry?
  • Sen. Bill Cassidy backs cognitive tests for older lawmakers, presidents and Supreme Court justices. Why should these tests be limited to “older” politicians.
  • ESPN’s sideline reporter Allison Williams quits rather than comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Williams is pregnant at what’s considered “advanced maternal age”, and followed her doctor’s advice regarding vaccination.
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