How Do I Show a YouTube Video in My Blog Post?

Click Insert from the toolbar, then Media from the dropdown menu

Paste the URL for the YouTube video in the Source box, and click the OK button. The dimensions appear automatically.

That’s all there is to it.

If That Won’t Work, Try This

Some Members report that the above method doesn’t work for them. Others say that all they have to do is paste a YouTube URL in the body of their blog post and it converts to a video screen. If you still don’t get the results you want with either of those methods, please try the technique in the video below.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, or better ideas, in the comments below, or use the FAQ Request form to suggest other topics.

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Scott Ott

I’ve updated the post again to reflect the three different methods reported by our Members. If none works for you, let me know by submitted a Bug/Idea ticket (a submenu of FAQ above). Thanks for all of your help.

Julieann Thornton

I doesn’t work for me either. When I insert the link while editing, the video shows up as expected. As soon as I save or update, it changes to a link. I’ve tried just inserting the link and also embedding the code without success. (Both on Safari and Firefox – I’m on a Mac).

Update: I tried again by just pasting the link into the body of the post and now it displays.

Julieann Thornton



I thought my embedding was hit or miss lately, but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to be a pain in the butt. Glad it’s being addressed.

Jim-n-Nancy Hegland

Scott – Great update on the FAQ – How to Post YT. Clear and concise even I can follow it. But, I don’t have/get/see the same toolbar you are showing in the FAQ.

{great tool bar BTW – Best I’ve seen-wish I had one too.}
All I have are:

even tried the “Gear” (settings)

Using Mozilla, Win10, logged in, twirling a dead chicken over my head…

Scott Ott

Strange. I have that screen even on my phone in Chrome. You might try Chrome. I’ll update FAQ with other browser info later.

RG -

I tried it Firefox on Win7 and that toolbar shows up.
I’m not sure if that component has been updated, but you might try hitting Ctrl-F5 to force Firefox to re-download any cached elements in case you’re seeing an older version.

If you have any, you could also try disabling or adding an exception for this site to any plugins, like an adblocker, that twiddle with the site code to see if that’s the problem.

Jim-n-Nancy Hegland

Tried (2x) can’t seem to get the video – only the URL.
Any extra hints? Maybe a screenshot?
Thanks – Jim

Scott Ott

I did a little re-orienting on your post, Jim and Nancy. And I’ll try one myself it see if this FAQ is out of date.

Scott Ott

The FAQ was out of date, so I updated it.

RG -

Just paste the url in the body of the post. I can’t get the insert media method to embed videos in a blog post either. I’m Not sure if this works in regular comments, I think I tried that in the Jukebox blog post and it didn’t.