How do I create a blog post?

If you mouseover the word Connect in the top menu, you’ll see a link to your content. That page includes a list of…

  • your comments,
  • private messages sent and receive, and
  • blog posts written (My Posts).

There’s also a button called Add Post, which lets you create a new blog post.

Write a headline in “Post Title”, type some text in “Post Body”, and insert a photo if you wish β€” maximum file size 1024kb.

You can “Submit” your post immediately, or save it as a draft if you want to work on it later. Either way, it will appear under “My Posts” on your content page, where you can edit further, or delete it.

Remember, when you submit it, it’s immediately published and accessible by any logged-in Members, who can rate it or comment on it.

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I think the directions in these FAQ need a little updating. The only options that can be seen at the top of the page are Home, Donate, Shows, Members, My Account, About Us, Contact, FAQ, and Logout. Some of the directions do not match this menu at the top of the page. Please check. πŸ™‚

James Sarafin

There is no ‘CONNECT’ in the top menu.?

Donna P

I just watched the Ode To Joy video, which was wonderful, but I’m wondering what it has to do with Bill Whittle. ?? Or can we post anything we want on the blog? Music, pets, hobbies, what we had for dinner (apparently a favorite among the Facebook crowd… but I never understood that one). Thoughts?

Scott Ott

The only restrictions are kindness and decency among our fellow Members. Personally, having abandoned Facebook’s banality, I’m not eager to see it recreated here. The pursuit of happiness, however, is a key tenet of our movement, so there’s nothing wrong with aiming to delight. All that said, “The Management” reserves the right to do anything it pleases in the interest of the fellowship and this enterprise. Enjoy.

RG -

Well, they’ve talked about this being a [insert word meaning community, but not “community”, civic society maybe] and you can’t have a healthy one of those that focuses on nothing but politics all the time.

Wesley Bruce

“Remember, when you submit it, it’s immediately published and accessible by any logged-in Members”

Assuming the submit button works which for me it isn’t?????

Scott Ott

I think we’ve got the button working again, Wesley. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

Wesley Bruce

It is not inconvenience its bug zapping. I’m a professional bug finder. I was in Minecrafts Alpha.

Judy Capistrant

That sounds impressive! I am sure our grandson would kow what Minecraft Alpha is, so Off I go to get educated, by a nine-year-old πŸ™‚ Even Grammarly knew how to spell it right!