How can I get my real name back?

Unless your first and last names are in our Member database, your name will appear in your profile, comments and blog posts as a either a randomly-generated string, like user-1234, or as your email address. That’s easy to fix. Click “Account” in the menu bar above, and enter your real first and last name, then click “Update Account.”

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Baran Corregidor

I used a pseudonym on the old website. How do I get that to show up on the new.

Baran Corregidor

Okay, I cleared all the cookies out of the browser and now it seem to label me as my pseudonym, but it still says I am logged in as user-xxxx?

Grace Miskimen

do I have log out and log back in for it to take effect? I have done so and it still shows “logged in as user-####.
Also, what about renaming old posts once I name myself?