Do I need a ‘featured image’ in my blog post?

The featured image is that one that appears above your title on the main BW Member Blog page. If you don’t choose a featured image, your post will show only a headline and a brief text excerpt, even if you inserted a photo in the post.

The featured image can be the same one you uploaded with the “Insert Photo” button in the body, but you have to upload it again with the “Select Image” button. Maximum file size for uploaded images is 1024kb.

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Davey Packer

Hi there. I’m currently unable to upload either featured images or photos in the main text. When I click on the featured image button it just jumps to the top of the screen. As I’ve done over 50 posts now I was wondering, is there a total image limit? It may well be a problem my end, but I’d appreciate any help you can give.

David Pimentel

The image size restriction would be useful information in the upload failure message.