Trump Eager for 4-Hour Debate Against Biden Moderated by Joe Rogan

On the XXXth installment of Stephen Green’s Right Angle Lightning Round, Steve ambushes Bill Whittle and Scott Ott with questions on the following topics….

00:35 Attacks on police officers in Chicago are up five times. What does that say about the future of people demanding racial justice who live in neighborhoods that need police protection?

06:19 NFL Sunday Night Football’s 2020 debut shows viewership way down from 2019. Will “get woke, go broke” take down this American institution?

08:55 Newsweek wonders if Islamophobia is the last acceptable form of prejudice.

12:18 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi follows the science to blame “angry Mother Earth” for California wildfires.

15:00 President Trump says he’s more than eager for a four-hour debate with Joe Biden moderated by podcast king Joe Rogan.

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