The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 59

Recorded on 2/14/14

0:00:00 Opening remarks, update on CSR
0:04:00 Show us your best useless talent. (Impressions)
0:19:50 Does the good America has done, outweigh the bad?
(American Indians, Slavery, Women’s Vote, Civil Rights)
0:53:00 Political commentary, “do you ever wish you had said that.”
1:02:40 The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative
(“r” species vs “k” species)
1:39:02 Choice of any airplane to fly ?
1:42:53 Any TSL merchandise ?
1:43:35 Favorite episode of Star Trek TOS (Balance of Terror)
1:44:49 Which ‘Lost In Space’ theme do you prefer ?
1:46:11 How best to begin flying instructions (glider)
1:56:20 Closing comments´╗┐

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