The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 54

Recorded on 1/2/14

TSL 54 errors and omissions

UNDER THE CITY and CSR comments

Zechariah Tiemens How do we stop our side from being suppressed in 2014, be it from the political establishment, voter fraud, or the IRS?

Bill Thompson Do you see a future where America can produce power grids based on Thorium/salt reactors, finally fulfilling the postwar dream of unlimited inexpensive energy? Or have the energy-phobic environmental minimalist extremists poisoned the political climate irrevocably?

Alo Konsen Feminism & ugly women: correlation or causation?

Mary Ann Do you think we will ever know the “truth” about “who” President Obama really is? Kcz Lind I believe Dinesh D’Souza gave us a GREAT look into who Obama is and what his plans are 2016: Obama’s America

Alo Konsen Are the Tiemens Brothers actually sock puppets for Scott Ott & Stephen Green?

Isaac Tiemens On Sean Hannity’s radio show recently, Neal Boortz declared that social conservatism kills Republican campaigns. Can Republicans win if they jettison the social conservatives? It seems to me that you can’t build a winning coalition by process of subtraction.

Bill Thompson If enough people realize the Emperor has no clothes, what is the absolute best-case scenario you realistically see over the next two years? Is the pendulum set for a massive swing, and how much momentum will it carry?

Paul Sullivan How do we convince Libertarians to vote for Republicans? Many of them seem content to throw away their votes when a vote for a Conservative Republican would help get us away from big government.

Nick Silvi How was your New Years Eve?

Joshua Tiemens Bill, what do you think of the idea of a Tolkien themed TSL? Mark Duddridge Not sure we need it, as Bill seems to almost always get in at least one Tolkien reference! *lol*

Anthony Cazillo In 2014 and beyond, will the stigma of Obama’s failure be contained to him as a president, or will progressivism take the hit? In other words, although the progressives are startled, will they be back in greater numbers with Hillary in 2016?

Joshua Tiemens Bill, you grew up during the 70s and 80s, what’s the classiest car from that time in that period? A Chevelle? Stingray?

Speaking of which, where did the car culture go?

Seems everyone back in the day everyone was loyal to one clan of car or another, it was the battle of cults much like the “Glock vs 1911” is today. (PS, what do you think of “Glock vs 1911 anyway?)

Welter Almeida Third time’s the charm? Wow, in before the Tiemens!

What is your take on the current pace of technological advancement; do you believe that the technological singularity is eventual, possible, or unlikely?
Part B, If it were to happen, what do you suppose would happen to the human race if robots (or ai) created their own nations and created better things and had a better economy than us?

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