The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 53

Recorded on 12/27/13

TSL 53

0:00:00 New teeth, revisits pain from kidney stones & teeth.
0:37:00 Four Yorkshiremen
0:39:05 Putin’s article on securing western civilization
0:50:25 Conflicting news on economic health, Zimbabwe $100T
1:08:45 Knockout game (white-on-black is a hate crime)
1:15:08 What will it take for Bill to run for POTUS
1:22:25 Is Bill a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ ?
1:25:56 Strong female characters or strong char who are female
1:38:30 Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty fallout, Truth Revolt
1:42:50 Free Frontier colonizing Venus, Titus-Bodes Law
1:48:32 Can you be strong and still cry ? Pajama boy
2:05:00 Bill talks about his Mom, Closing comments´╗┐

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