The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 52

Recorded on 12/19/13

0:00:00 Petula Clarks song, ‘Hi’ to Bill’s Mom
0:05:15 Michael Iceberg the synthesizer artist
0:09:00 Update on BW merchandise, No limits to my vanity!
0:11:20 Will the Virtual Pres pardon Edward Snowden ? NSA
0:25:16 Chinese Lunar Landing
0:34:45 Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty), Marines & Japanese surrender
0:43:15 Conservative Summit with Glenn Beck
0:46:20 How do we avoid just ‘giving up’ ?
0:50:02 Which happens first, batting 400 or LGBT protest at Mosque
0:54:28 Where have all of the adults gone ?
1:00:10 Pajama boy
1:05:15 Buy offshore insurance and get treated offshore ?
1:09:05 China lunar rover and our American Flag
1:15:34 Story behind Bill trying to join Air Force after 911
1:18:23 Closing comments, Common Sense Resistance´╗┐

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