The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 51

TSL 51


Ilias Benmedjdoub How many liberals could you take in a fistfight?

John Swetland Is the collapse of ObamaCare the beginning of a paradigm shift where the young voters are finally understanding the consequences of the “Cool vote”?

Charles Stricklin Do you believe the economy will collapse in our lifetime, and if so, what should we do to prepare?

Dave Olson Everyone remembers the best Christmas gift they got, what’s the best Christmas gift you ever gave?

Zechariah Tiemens With the rise of games like Bioshock Infinite (a game that “challenges the idea of american exceptionalism”) and Gone Home (A game where you don’t do anything besides walking around a house trying to learn about a family’s social struggles), and the increasing popularity of feminist ridicule, is there any way to stop the left from taking over the medium?

Mark O’Malley Obama, based on his confessed past, would have been, and still is, ineligible to join the Marines as a private recruit, or a 2nd Looey. How about a change in the law that says anyone running to be CinC has to be eligible to JOIN the military?

Alo Konsen A question from the virtual press in the virtual future (roughly January 2014 or so): “Mr. Virtual President, the mass protests in Ukraine have toppled the Yanukovich government. In response to the new anti-Russia government that took over, Vladimir Putin today cut off all natural gas exports to Ukraine … in the dead of winter. What do you intend to do?”

Charles Tomes If Buckaroo Banzai built an interplanetary transport ship, would it have a zero g swimming pool as shielding?

Jim Rinehimer I once owned an auto parts store and On one occasion I threw a customer out for abusive language. Did I violate his free speech rights. Does the baker who chooses not to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple violate their rights? That baker has been ordered by the court to serve these customers regardless of the baker’s religious beliefs.

Jonathan Kua 3D Printing. Guns

B’omarr Punk How should someone with ideas for CSR videos and such approach you??

Adam Hansen It seems to me that there is more of an ideological war going on for America than any other classification of war, brought on in the name of safety as an inappropriate response to fear, i.e. safety first. I have struggled facing my own fears in the past, but have recently discovered my own ways of overcoming my fears so that I can be in control of my own life, however this is not the case with someone very close to me. Would you be willing to share an experience of how you overcame a fear of yours so I may understand another perspective in order to help this person who is close to me?

Sherry Johnson Was it appropriate for the president, to take a smiling from ear to ear selfiie at a funeral?
Jenna Reanne Murphy I just don’t have words for this man anymore. Although Michelle’s face is pretty much the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. What are your thoughts?

Zechariah Tiemens Is there any objective case to be made for being Masculine?

Max Wylde Bill, you’re a snappy dresser. Can you give guys any fashion tips for dressing well?

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