The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 50

Recorded on 12/5/13

TSL 50

Thoughts on writing SHARDS

Potcake Collars Can we expect to see a Bill Whittle app at some point? Something that will help me keep up with everything Whittle….

Wes Walker Free Speech vs Hate Speech… Thoughts?

Patty Ann Bill, what makes you laugh? And on the flip side, what makes you cry?

Robert Berkowitz Any word on you really guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh show?

Kate Nettles What is the worst desensitization of today’s youth? Violence? Sex? Politics? I know what I think. What about you?

Brent D Cates I’m hearing quite a bit recently on something called the Anglosphere,(Churchill & Mark Steyn) the Western English Speaking Nations & their contribution to Civilization. Thought?

Kurt Von Arnold G’day Bill, In what now looks like a worldwide political and cultural struggle between left and right. Is there any hope of finding common ground and a “honorable peace”? Or are we faced with a never ending ideological war of attrition.

Joshua Tiemens Bill, why are old people a liberal leaning group if life makes one more conservative? AARP is a great example.

Alo Konsen Do you favor amending the US Constitution via an Article V convention?

Colleen Gray Considering that today marks the 80th anniversary of Prohibition being repealed, what are your thoughts on the War on Drugs (in comparison)?

Erik Sandelin Rather than looking for a specific individual candidate to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016, shouldn’t we be looking for a set of characteristics and values first, and then hope to find an individual who has those characteristics and values?

Dale Waters Why is the Republican Party so bad at PR? How can we fix it?

Andrew Appleby Bill, wondering if you would consider covering the plight of Saeed Abedini currently imprisoned in Iran. There has been bipartisan support to gain his release. However the recent nuclear agreement did not include the release of pastor Abedini (and 2 other americans) Your thoughts are…

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