The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 49

0:00:00 Being in TX (CA vs TX)
0:13:05 How did America’s Greatest generation spawn its worst ?
0:44:00 Trolls in general
0:56:10 If you could bring only one person from the left over to the right, who would it be ? (Jon Stewart)
1:03:30 Nuclear option in the Senate, “It’s A Power Grab”
1:16:45 Odds of a nuclear exchange in the middle east
1:20:05 What do you think of ‘Dune’ ? Pinto vs Mercedes, Why I’m a Hawk, :You Gotta Mow The Grass”
1:34:55 Update on Aurora
1:35:22 Hunger Games
1:35:59 Have you noticed sci-fi writers bringing conservative/libertarian viewpoints to their stories?
Star Trek / Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Nobility / “This Day We Fight”
2:02:00 Closing comments´╗┐

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