The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 48


Dan Ramsey How about this for the end of every “ENIGMA” broadcast: “We now return you to your Federally scheduled programming.” Tell me that’s not sweet!

John Reuben Davies You often say that you want to build a coalition of conservatives and libertarians, on the basis that conservatives and libertarians share about 95% of their positions in common. Alfonzo Rachel, in Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction (brilliant book!), seems to think that libertarianism is fundamentally incompatible with conservatism. Where do you stand in light of his arguments? (Many thanks for your inspiring work btw)

Dave Olson 1) Should the USS Jack Murtha, currently under construction, be renamed to honor Chris Kyl or Tyrone Woods?

Joshua Tiemens Is the CSR going to harness the power of retired people that you’ve alluded to in the past?

Welter Almeida Hey Bill, I was able to see my first rocket launch last night (from 150 miles away, but still awesome). It was the Minotaur 1 rocket, carrying 29 satellites. I hope to actually go to Wallops Island to see the Antares launch in December, but we’ll see.

So here’s my question… I heard that the world’s biggest rocket, Falcon Heavy, is being launched in California. Will you go to the launch? Welter Almeida Oh and the Almeida household finally got your membership!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!! Been waiting to do that for a while.

B’omarr Punk You described the vector of the new website and videos as a shift from ‘preaching to the choir’ to reaching and convincing your opponents. Any feedback as to how that’s going so far?

Alo Konsen By inflicting Obamacare on America, lefty voters behaved a lot like a badly-trained dog that poops on the living room rug.

Is it wise — or even possible — to train them not to do it again without first rubbing their noses in their own smelly pile?

Brandon Wong The recent gubernatorial election in Virginia showed that the establishment GOP is willing to fight and turn it’s back on the liberty/conservative wing of the party. To what extent do you think this will affect next year’s midterm elections?

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