The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 47

Recorded on 11/13/13


CSR Media / CSR real-world-structure / CSR Administration

Andy Schnick Can we like the Tea Party have local CSRs?

Robert Stephenson III America has always loved an underdog. I think conservatism needs to become the righteous underdog fighting the good fight if it is to regain its place in the culture. It is often easier to portray powerful, centralized entities as the “villain” in a story. In this way, the massive size and power of our federal government can be used against itself. the CSR would be a perfect heroic underdog in the American story.

John Miller How do you control the message? The first thing the liberal media will do is brand CSR as resistance to common sense.

Michelle Tongyai Can you elaborate more on how you plan to get the younger generation involved in CSR? I read about the short videos that you are thinking about doing, not sure if adding more entertainment type format is what our youth need right now. There are so many games, videos, etc to distract them already, do you not think that maybe these videos might just be taken as entertainment and not as helpful facts?

Isaac Tiemens Do we emphasize FIXING or RESISTING?

Chris Abate No good underground movement is complete without a pirate radio station. What should it be called and what kind of music should it play?

Manny Young When will the stencils and spray paint be available in your store??? Seriously!

Isaac Tiemens Is slenderman the perfect icon for the faceless scourge of progressivism that CSR is resisting?

Joshua Tiemens Will we have a secret handshake?

Joshua Tiemens Bill, do we need to adopt a different vocabulary when it comes to presenting our ideas? Considering that people don’t even know freedom IS anymore?

If we’re going to do this, we need to hit the culture in the gut with every ounce of our rhetorical strength.

Patrick Dillon How can we prevent/identify infiltration of covert progressives into CSR ranks?

Zechariah Tiemens Could there possibly be a unification of the Rebel Alliance and the CSR?

Zechariah Tiemens Should the CSR be decentralized? Especially since we’ve experienced the sharp downsides of decentralization with the Tea Party movement?

Andy Schnick One thing I am hoping with the CSR is to highlight “Critical Theory” and the Frankfurt School and their influences to the point those things are so commonly known everyone knows what we are talking about because my experience with liberals is that they don’t believe they are socialists following the same path as the communist regimes such as the Soviet Union, so can the CSR also spread that message that the Frankfurt School through “Critical Theory” influenced modern liberalism?

Michelle Laflamme Does CSR have some sort of test or “de-indoctrination” program through which new found recruits must go in order ensure against dependency sellout sabotage?

Michael Glanville What could CSR do to promote memes that doesn’t involve strictly panning Obama? I ask because I think sarcasm and derision, while good, only go so far.

Marlon James Will you provide a CSR logo for people to start including in their work?
(I’m thinking blogs, videos, published stories, merchandise, etc. Disseminate this mysterious icon as widely as possible.)

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