The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 46

Recorded on 11/7/13

TSL 46

Thoughts on “Mein Kampf”

Jeff Blodgett: Many of us are eagerly awaiting the day when we can walk up to an unassuming door, speak a password, and enter a place where the music is fine, the lights are always low, the drinks are always dry. Who would be your choice to headline the grand opening of this dreamland, and what can we do, as your loyal fans, to make The Stratosphere Lounge a reality?

Rosemarie Moscarelli: What combination of virtues do you think voters at large would find irresistible in a candidate for president? Chris Christie appears to have it for NJ…. should that scare us if he runs in 2016?

Fernando Pombeiro: Hey Bill- can you focus on the Orwellian doublespeak and equivocation being used by the administration around the ACA roll out? Can you then take that thesis and generalize it around the leftist propaganda machine? (i.e: Abortion as a “women’s health issue”?)

Iain McLaren: Who is your favourite founding father and why?

Anthony Cazillo Do you believe that Jesus Christ is who he said He is?

Michelle Tongyai: Okay so we know about your theory on Aliens for you have been asked that before, and maybe you have been asked this before also, but not since I have been listening. What is your theory on the supernatural? Do you believe in the paranormal? If so any experience with the paranormal/supernatural?

Brandon Eiler: Conservatives won the vote in Virgina; how do we get libertarians to get their heads out of their @sses and stop pulling the lever for democrats?

Alex Flynn: Bill, How long do you think you would last if you did a filibuster?

Gail Moore: Just wondering when you were going to get the “Advice to Young Men” out. I have a grandson that’s 2 years old… think it will be out in time? Hahaha!

Samuel Henricks: You mentioned that you were friends with Glenn Beck, would you ever consider going to work for the blaze?

Isaac Tiemens: When will subscribers get their sweet gear?

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