The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 36

The Stratosphere Lounge The Accidentally Truncated Haiku edition!

National debt stuck
Yes, tell me another one
Party at Barry’s

Debt meter pegged, No worries, 18 holes

National Debt frozen,
Deficit keeps climbing.
Banana Republic.

A rodeo clown
Would make a better POTUS
Let’s choose him next time

The lights flicker in Rome.
All hail
the teflon tyrant

What happens when cops
Who have long since lost “the left”
Lose “the right” as well?

A permanent moon base.
Is this better than having
a mission to mars?

Classical music;
this Bill, who’s quite broad-minded,
must know its joys too.

public schools, common core, indoctrination from above

What say you
to the Bush W. vacays
versus Obama’s vacays?

Land of Statelessness
Tax free and voluntary
Would you advocate?

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