The Stolen Election, Pt. 2: Hiding Biden Laptop Scandal Reveals More Frightening Social Plan

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The manipulation of the 2020 presidential election by partisan-tuned algorithms on social media platforms might be the least of our worries. 

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Bill Whittle shows how Twitter and Facebook hiding the Hunter Biden laptop (and Joe Biden influence peddling) story, helped Biden beat President Trump in battleground states, and thus in the electoral college.

More disturbing than Silicon Valley Leftists protecting Joe Biden, Bill Whittle illustrates how Google (which owns YouTube, Waze, Nest and more), aims to create a world that lives by ‘Google values’ through a subtle, but ubiquitous, recording and steering of even our smallest decisions.

‘The Selfish Ledger’ it accumulates about your behaviors, attitudes, choices and travels — taken in the aggregate — helps the search giant determine what you see and what you never see, and it leads you inexorably to what they want you to see, to do, to be…and how they want you to vote.

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