The Red Queen has Gone Mad

[NOTE FROM BILL: I did three segments yesterday for an upcoming Fox Business series on American Inventions, which I am told will air early this summer. I thought all three segments might take two hours, but I ended up speaking for FIVE. As a consequence, I can feel that vocal damage starting to creep back a bit. I didn’t want to miss a Moving Back to America episode today, but I didn’t want to damage my voice any further either, so I asked the reliable and redoubtable Scott Ott for advice. He recommended I write the copy for it, and publish it today in lieu of the actual episode. What an excellent idea! I hope to record this on Monday, but here it is for you in written form now.]

Lewis Carroll described her as one of the Furies, the Greek Chthonic deities of vengeance that dwell deep in the depths of hell and plan their revenge on those who dare raise their vicious tempers.

“The Red Queen I pictured as a Fury,” wrote Carroll “…she formal and strict… pedantic to the 10th degree, the concentrated essence of all governesses!” A British governess, of course, was harsh and aloof, whose job was to educate and discipline unruly children.

Nancy Pelosi has become, virtually if not literally chthonic, locked down, deep in the bunker that she has transformed the nation’s capitol into. She has decreed that the razor wire and heavily armed palace guards she put in place for the coronation will remain tat least through the summer… and if you have any knowledge of this type, you can rest assured that is she has her way they will not be removed at all. The US Capitol, named in honor of the man who thrice walked away from power and political office, is now an armed camp with barricades erected to protect her and her court from the American people.

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, she commiserated with the lockdown of common working people in front of her $24,000 refrigerator filled with $12 a pint ice cream. Well, we all have to remain at home and make sacrifices, don’t we? Unless of course you need to have your hair done, in which case there is always the Royal Prerogative of making a last-minute phone call to one of the few hair salons remaining in business, opening that business shuttered by her own policies and then having the royal hair re-colored while dispensing with those uncomfortable masks that everyone else must wear in order to keep us safe. And in this and many other ways, she and her ‘nephew-in-law’ Gavin Newsom can continue to make clear to the commoners the many divinely ordained privileges that come as the result of being of noble birth.

For almost a year now, the Red Queen has blocked attempts for some small trickle out of the firehose of out-of-control Federal Spending to dribble back to the people who had paid the taxes to fund this spending spree in the first place. Many, many, MANY millions of Americans would have long ago had to sell off their $24,000 refrigerators in order to not only to pay the rent but to in many cases simply to pay for dinner. And it was only after Donald Trump had left office that the Red Queen finally admitted what had been obvious to many of us all along: that she had purposely blocked Covid relief checks to ordinary Americans for the simple reason that she did not wish for the President to receive ANY credit for anything. And so the closures continued, and the suicides continued, and the fear-mongering continued… none of it based on science or medicine, and all of it based on vanity, pettiness, and an endless, mindless, robotic drive to amass and retain power over other people’s lives. After all, what is the point of being a Pelosi, or a Newsom, if you don’t get to break the rules you have made for everyone else? Opening a closed hair salon and then getting your beauty treatment without a mask, or opening a closed restaurant and having a $300 per plate dinner, indoors, shoulder-to-shoulder with medical professionals and no one wearing masks is the entire reason that these people got into politics in the first place. Not only was this not a mistake on their part — I don’t even think getting caught was a mistake. I think both Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom were secretly very happy to let the Little People see just who was in charge here in the Land of the Free.

If you still retain any doubts about the sheer venality of the Mad Red Queen, then the Covid relief bill hat finally passed should be enough to slap you back to your senses. Let me give you a single picture to save us all a thousand words:

Of the ONE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS that have been allocated for “Covid-19” relief, NINE PERCENT of it — the grey area — could in some manner be called Covid-19 related. Ninety-one percent of that money — or in other words, ONE THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE BILLION DOLLARS of your tax money does not go to Covid-19 relief. Where does it go? Well, it goes to:

  • Union Pensions
  • Blue State Bailouts
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Universities
  • The National Endowment of the Arts
  • Schumer’s Bridge
  • And Pelosi’s Tunnel, among other things.

Every dollar you have ever paid in taxes, and every dollar everyone you know has ever paid in taxes, and every dollar your children and the children of everyone you know will ever pay in taxes, and every dollar that THEIR children, and their CHILDREN’S CHILDREN will EVER pay in taxes, has been directed by the Red Queen to pay six figure pensions for teachers who demand early vaccinations but who stiff refuse to return to school; to pay for the decades of similar pensions blue-state politicians awarded to each other but are no longer able to afford; to pay for abortions, throughout the country and until the end of time; to pay for priceless artwork like a crucifix submerge in a jar of urine; and to pay not for repairs on existing, crumbling, and dangerous infrastructure but rather for vanity projects costing hundreds of millions of dollars and whose sole purpose is to have something appropriately spectacular to bear the name of Schumer or Pelosi: something on a grander scale than the Ed Bradley International terminal at LAX or the Eric Garcetti Homeless Shire, here in my hometown of Los Angeles.

Included in the so-called Covid-19 relief bill is a billion dollars — ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS — for “Racial Justice for Farmers”; $50 million in “environmental justice” grants; $112 Million to expand BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, and $750 million dollars for “Global Health.”

The Democratic Party has continued to push COVID-19 policies that have put something like 200,000 small businesses out of business — forever. If you were to take the just the $750 million that the Red Queen has allocated for “global health” and divide that by 200,000, that would come to $3,750 per business. If ALL of the 9% of the Covid relief bill actually set aside for Covid-19 relief — that’s 171 Billion dollars— went to 200,000 businesses, that would come to EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER BUSINESS. How many could be saved with 850 grand each? ALL of them, maybe?

And just to rub it in: if the entire 1.9 trillion dollars spent on Covid-19 went to those out-of- business businesses, each would get NINE MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. If the total amount were divided equally among the 328,000,000 American citizens that would mean a check for $5,792 for every single one of us — billionaires, millionaires and politicians included. That’s what the bill is sold as.

You know, at that rate — $5,792 for every single person in the United States of America — you could combine the total for a family of four; mom and dad and two kids — and hell, you’d have enough money to buy a refrigerator just as nice as Nancy Pelosi’s.

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