Right Angle

Should Democrats Eject Governor Over Old Blackface – KKK Pic?

When a yearbook pic emerged allegedly showing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in 1984 wearing blackface and standing by someone in a white Ku Klux Klan (KKK) robe, Democrats called for him to step down. However, when he appeared to defend post-birth abortion (infanticide) they stood with him. Should conservatives who decried the treatment of Brett […]

Bill Whittle Now

Anger Gap: Can Democrat Rage Win Congress?

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates Democrats harbor more anger than Republicans, and that rage may topple GOP majorities in the House and the Senate. Bill Whittle Now evaluates the claim, and brings historical perspective. Bill Whittle’s voice has not been silenced, but grows in influence, thanks to the members who pay $9.95/month to make and […]