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Democrat Doom: City Dwellers Dwindle, Leaving the Affluent and Childless

With a net outward migration, and plummeting birth rates, cities like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. — Democrat strongholds all — seem bound to damn the party to demographic doom. However, these urban strongholds do hold massive wealth to fund Progressive campaigns.

Right Angle

Double Parked in 1984: Cities Deputize Your Neighbor to Ticket Your Car

Should cities deputize your neighbor to ticket your car? How about empowering citizens to issue citations for excessive vehicle idling, or to catch you texting and driving? You’d imagine rule-of-law conservatives and libertarians would back this public-private partnership already underway in Washington DC, New York and California.


THE MOST SHAMEFUL INJUSTICE In this first video in the new FIREWALL series, host Bill Whittle shows what four, five, six, seven or more decades of Death by Democrats has done to our nation’s cities.