Bill Whittle Now

Trump Dumps Taliban Talks: Are U.S. Troops Forever Stuck in Afghanistan?

President Trump publicly dumps ‘secret’ Camp David talks with the Taliban and the Afghan government aimed at a peace deal. He said the deal is dead. Are U.S. troops stuck forever in Afghanistan? Is that the price we pay to avoid another 9/11-style terror attack? Have we achieved our objectives? Where does the Commander in Chief go from here when he has declared he wants to pull out of the long-running U.S. “police” action.

Right Angle

Xi Bang: Would Trump Fight China to Protect Taiwan?

Chinese President Xi Jinping says he’s eager to reunify Taiwan with the mainland on very liberal terms, but his velvet glove conceals a fist. Would President Donald Trump commit U.S. troops to defend Democratic, capitalist, Taiwan against autocratic, Communist China? Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green consider some bad options. Your contribution to this […]