SUPERSTRAIGHT: If You Can’t Beat the Identity-Politics People — Join Them!

You’ll be happy to hear that there’s a new name for you — Superstraight. If you can’t beat the identity-politics people — join them!

Bill Whittle Now

Ruling: High-Testosterone ‘Woman’ Must Take Drugs to Compete

South African runner Caster Semenya must take testosterone-suppressing drugs in order to continue to compete in women’s track events. That’s the ruling from the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which acknowledges the decision discriminates, but is better than any conceivable alternative solution. Semenya, and others, say the ruling discriminates against people who are just trying to be who they really are.

Right Angle

Artificial Intolerance: ‘Transphobic’ Conservative Ejected from Google AI Panel

Outraged protest by Google employees gets Heritage Foundation conservative ejected from Google AI panel because he’s allegedly ‘transphobic’. It’s the perfect illustration of the risks of allowing a narrow sector of society to shape the artificial intelligence (intolerance) future that we all need to live in.