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Trump Ends Obama Moratorium on Executions Despite Death Row Racial Disparities

The Trump administration ends President Obama’s moratorium on federal death penalty executions, despite concerns about racial disparities on death row. While the move changes the method of lethal injection to reduce pain — following the Texas model — the risk of executing an innocent person remains. What’s the role of capital punishment in an advanced, humane, society? Should small government Constitutional conservatives endorse the federal government’s ultimate power to wield the sword against its own citizens?

Right Angle

Airbus FAIL: How USA Beats Socialism in Air and Space

Airbus cancels the gigantic A380 airliner, while Boeing 747 keeps going strong. SpaceX builds re-launchable rockets, while Arianespace makes them disposable to generate make-work jobs. The aerospace industry provides the perfect parable of how the the USA beats socialism every time.